Friday, 2 February 2018

ప్రపంచ శాంతి ధ్యానం- స్వామి సచ్చిదానంద బోధ

When you sit to meditate affirm: ‘During this silent period, I will enjoy the perfect peace in me. I will feel that peaceful vibration within and without, and I will make sure that this peaceful vibration grows and goes out to encircle the whole world, to console all the restless minds and to bring that peace and joy to the multitudes. Let this peace enchant them. Let them feel fully relaxed. If they really enjoy that peace, they will allow that to continue more. So, by that way, I will be contributing toward bringing peace to this whole globe.’ Let that be your affirmation. I am fully confident that you can send such a powerful vibration to run around the whole world to help millions and millions of people.

- Swami Satchidananda

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