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Why We Use 21 Types of Patra-Patries in Ganesh Puja

Why We Use 21 Types of Patra-Patries in Ganesh Puja

ganesh-patrasGanesh Patris or Patri is the numerous types of sacred leaves that are offered to Ganesha during Ganesha Puja on Ganesh chaturthi. According to Mudgala and Ganesha purana, 21 different types of leaves must be offered. 21 is the favorite number of Sri Ganesh. 

The significance of 21 is our body is made up of 21 tatvas (principles). They are pancha butas (ether, air, fire/ energy, water and earth), pancha jnanendriyas (eyes, nose, toungue, ears and skin), pancha karmendriyas (hands, legs, mouth, rectum and anus), pancha tanmatras, and mind. All constitute to 21. And the lord of all these 21 tatvas is Ganapati or Ganesha. 

Also patram means soul/atman/atma. Offering Patri to Ganesh represents offering Oneself to Almighty and merge in him.

Hindu festivals have lot of scientific secrets. Same way, this ganesh chaturthi has scientific, spiritual, social and ecological significance. Ganesh festival is celebrated in August-September months in rainy season. Due to climatic conditions, people are much prone to infections and contagious diseased during this season. And patri puja has its importance here. The leaves which are offered to Ganesha have medicinal properties and each of them cure atleast 5 types of diseases. As per Ayurveda, The air, smell and touch of these patris itself will increase immunity and cure various diseases. Hence, offering these patris to God, keeping them along with Ganesha in house for 11 days will destroy all harmful bacteria and other infectious micro organisms in Home as well as the air flowing from these patris will increase immunity. At last these patris are immersed in water along with Ganesh idol. Immersion of these patris in lakes and rivers will purify the water. This can be known by direct experience too.

Here are the medicinal properties of Patris offered to Ganesha.
1. Machi : used for curing skin diseases (leprosy, leucoderma), nervous diseases, and abdominal related
2. Brihati: Used for asthma, cough, constipation. Also used for women in post natal period
3. Bilva : Used for Dysentery. It also purifies water. Bilva leaf is very popular in the worship of Lord Shiva
4. Durva Grass: used for Skin diseases, arresting bleeding, anemia. Durva leaf is used in the worship of Lord Ganesha
5. Dattura: Used for joint pains, abdominal, skin diseases, hair fall. Also used in poisonous bites
6. Badari:     Used for digestive disorders, wounds and injuries, blood impurities. Also used for maintaining the voice.
7. Apa Marga: Used for digestive disorders and also used for poisonous bites.
8. Tulsi: Used for respiratory diseases, skin diseases, purifies air, water and surroundings. The leaves are used in the worship of Lord Vishnu who is very much fond of Thulasi
9. Choota (Mango leaves):Used in Diabetics, for cracked heals, diseases of throat.
10. Karaveera: Used for leprosy, wounds and injuries, hair fall, lice
11. Vishnu Kranta: Used for Nervous related, memory power
12. Daadimi (Pomegranate): Used for Dysentery, Vata/Pitta/Kapha dosha
13. Devadaru: Used for skin diseases, wounds/injuries
14. Maruvaka: Used for Joint pains, skin diseases, heart diseases
15. Sidhuvara: Used for Vaata related problems and also used in anti poisonous drugs.
16. Jaaji: Used for skin diseases, Mouth related problems and also inindigestion
17. Shami: It is used for respiratory problems. This tree is also worshipped as a remedy and we find people taking pradakshina around this tree on the day of Vijaya Dasami.
18. Aswatham: Its bark is used in preparation of many medicines. It is also used for arresting bleeding. The significance and importance of this tree is so much that it is considered as Trimurthi (Trinity) swaroopa (Trinal Lords, Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva). We find people performing Naga Devatha Pratishta under this tree.
19. Arjuna:Used for Joint pains, Vata/Pitta/Kapha related, heart diseases, wounds and septic conditions.
20. Arka/Jilledu: It is used in poisonous bites, wounds and injuries, curing skin diseases, leprosy, tumors, joint pains, etc… It is said that it has 64 varieties of medicinal usage. It is called as a healing herb. We find usage of this leaf on the day of Ratha Sapthami. It is associated with the worship of Sun God, Lord Hanuman and also Lord Ganesha.
21. Gandaki Patram:     Used for Heart related, Piles, Skin diseases etc.
It must be noted here that Tulsi is only used during Vinayaka Chaturthi. Most of the Patris that are used in Ganesh puja have medicinal properties and today many people are growing these plants at home.

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