Sunday, 7 January 2018

సద్గురు శివానంద మూర్తి గారి సూక్తి

A question arises here….

“I know your question. Are the souls capable of reaching God by themselves? Does such a desire or a resolve arise in them on its own? The answer is ‘No.’ They do require someone to stir them up from their slumber. They need someone to tell them that this world is not their world but only a transit point and that they should not allow themselves to be trapped by karmic activity. Someone has to tell them that they are born on this earth, not to be bound by karma but seek God and reach Him and that alone is their duty. If not today, at least tomorrow, they should learn to free themselves from this bondage and be free. They need someone to tell them that this is the intention of the Lord towards them.”

- Satguru Sivananda Murthy Garu

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