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Pushpak Vimana

Man-made aircraft, flying with wings like the modern planes were filling.
Strangely aircraft, which were not man-made but the shape of the modern 'Udn Tstrion' suit.

Ancient texts aircraft development :-

Available in hundreds of references in ancient Sanskrit language of India, but is a matter of regret that he had not yet been translated into modern languages.The ancient texts on science flight details are as follows: -

1. Rigveda - at least 200 times in the text and mention about the aircraft. Three of them, triangle shape, and who is mentioned Tiphiye Ashvins planes (Vajञianikon) was made. Three passengers could Sadharntya them. Aircraft production for gold, silver and iron metal was used, and both of them were on the wings. Many of the planes in the Vedas - the size types have been described. Two jet aircraft engines and Hstः Ahnihotr (elephant-like aircraft) were more than two engines. Another plane as king - fisher bird was consistent. The aircraft were so many other organisms. No doubt that the twentieth century as the first humans to fly must have taken inspiration from birds. Yata - Yet in the Rig Veda mentions that the aircraft follows -

Water - Yan - it could go on air and water both floors. (Rig Veda 6.58.3)
Kara - it could go on air and water both floors. (Rig Veda 9.14.1)
Tritala - Three was the size of aircraft. (Rig Veda 3.14.1)
Trickr chariot - the three aircraft could fly in the sky. (Rig Veda 4.36.1)
Air chariot - chariot formalize the plane ran out of gas or wind power. (Rig Veda 5.41.6)
Electric car - car of this type of aircraft electrical power used to run. (Rig Veda 3.14.1).

2. Aik Yajurveda also mentions other aircraft and the circulation system of the building did Kumaron Asvin twins. They boarded the plane in use Bhujyu king was saved from drowning in the sea.

3. Vimanika scripture -1 875 AD temple in India Aik Aik Vimanika copy of the text was scripture. Jesus said to the text than 400 years ago and is considered to be composed Barduaj sage. This has been translated into English language.Is a matter of regret that many of these priceless works are now lost. The topics of these texts were: -

This is also evident from the fact that the aircraft "Anti-Gravity" was the ability to travel to the area.
Vimanika scripture aircraft sorties in the solar energy through legislation to keep the excess energy has been accumulated.

4. Yantra Srwswः - The text is also Barduajrcit sage. A portion of which 40 are part of this' Vimanika episode of "eight chapters, approximately 100 subjects and 500 aircraft in which the formula refers to science. In this treatise sage Barduajne Srenion divided into three planes are: -

Inland - which is remarkable from place to place.
International - which is remarkable from country to country
Antirkshy - a remarkable move from planet to planet

C in these extra-Ullekliy military aircraft which are written in detail the features and ultra - modern science fiction writer could also surprise. For example, features military jets were of this type -

Puarntya unbreakable, Puarntya safe from fire, and the need to interfere blink of your eyes just in time to become proficient in the manor own stable.
Ability to become invisible to the enemy.
The enemy aircraft capable of hearing conversations and other sounds. Voices from within the incoming enemy aircraft and their ability to record the scenes.
Direction of enemy aircraft and to monitor and assess the state.
Enemy aircraft pilots and passengers the ability to Stbddh to linger.
Ability to overcome personal barriers and Stbddhta positions.
Employment requires the ability to destroy itself.
Seasonal drivers and passengers the ability to change yourself.
Automatic temperature control ability.
Made from lightweight metals that can take the heat and bring you to reduce the size, and you can control your running Puarntya capable of voices.

To consider the fact that this type of ultra-modern Stealth fighter aircraft of the U.S. and may be a mixture of Udn Tstri. SAGE Barduajkoi Modern Fiction Writer "modern intellectuals were not surprised Prnhuऐse aircraft could envisage that Indian sages have considered how this type Vajञiank model. They Space universe and ultra - modern aircraft wrote about the other countries of the world could not get Puarntya simple farming knowledge of the body.

5. Smrangnः Sutrdhara - this, texts related to those aircraft and gives information about all subjects. Verse 230 of the manufacture of aircraft, flight, speed, and including general and Aksmak descent of birds have also mentioned about the accidents.

Vedic texts of almost all sizes of aircraft texture triangle is shown. But given the size of these kinds of texts Puarntya obvious and subtle. The difficulty comes in recognizing the metals.

The first five types Sutrdhara Smrangnः all Anusar build planes Brahma, Vishnu, Yama, Kuber and Indra was for. After additional aircraft were built. Details of the four main categories as follows: -

Rucomma - Rucommanaukile sizes and colors were gold.
Sunderः - beautiful face and silver containing rocket.
Tripurः - Tiruppur were three levels.
Skunः - Skunः was like the size of the bird.

Ijnon describes seven types of specific objectives and how they should be used and how to use that height to be successful and perfect. Summary The technical and experimental information is available from each subject. Uchi modern Helikoptron start flights and landings of aircraft to straight ahead, behind and sideways are explained proficient at walking

6. Katha Sarit - Sea - This text refers to high-quality workers, such as lumber workers who were called Rajydhar the Prandhar.The Chariot - ran the same speed as the plane of mind.

Kotilly meaning of the scriptures refer to other craftsmen additional Sovikaon used to make the planes in the sky.were planted in the period 256-237 BC.

In any other country in the world literature of the ancient works are the subjects? Today, the same technique of ancient India 'fantasies' re realizing shown in front of us, but abroad either fairies and ऐnjilon' grows on the arms or wings is shown swaying of a hawk picking Sindbadis. They can not imagine, 'fantasy', says.

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